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Hypochlorous acid (aka HOCl) might sound unfamiliar, but it's nothing new. This product's superpower can be found in your body.

HOCl is your body's defense against germs. It's produced by white blood cells to break down bacteria, viruses, and other microrganisms that threaten your skin. Spritzing this baby on your face supercharges your skin's natural defenses.

HYP Skin improves skin hydration, helps zap away acne, reduces redness, repairs skin damage and impurities, and kills harmful bacteria.

Yes. Your body actually creates HOCl to repair damage and fight bacteria. HYP bottles up this magic to amplify your natural healing powers. This product's stellar for all skin types, including extra-sensitive skin.

We recommend this as an upgrade to your toner. Close your eyes, mist HYP on your face, and let the bliss sink in.

No. The product included in both bottles is the same. We simply created two different colorways so that you can match your bottle with your energy.

Right now, we're only available in the U.S. In the future... who knows where we'll land.

Our 2 oz bottle is TSA-approved, so you can get that glow wherever you go.